Meet Our Staff

David Johnson


Thank you for considering our company. Freedom Auto Finders was founded in 2009, by myself and George Hilarides. George and I identified two key areas of the market that were under served, or not served at all, by the traditional Dealership model.

The first widely known fact is the majority of the populace hates the traditional car buying experience. Many car buyers have reported they would rather visit the dentist rather than be dragged through the buy-trade process that occurs at most dealerships. Reports gathered from market surveys have estimated that eighty five percent of all people hate the negotiation process but seeing little alternative. At the end of every transaction is the unanswered question, “did I pay too much?” While many Dealers are well intended, there are those who have outlandishly taken advantage of unsuspecting customers. Unfairtrade practices like, “Bait and Switch,” unfair negotiation practices, “Branded” vehicles, and high finance rates, have all tarnished the reputation of the traditional Dealership model.

The second area of the market is the enormous amount of unregulated private transactions that occur every day. These exchanges are a part of a wide open “anything goes” marketplace and are where many buyers and sellers have been subjected to huge losses. Some buyers and sellers do really well on their own but most are ill equipped for the task and end up on the losing end. Some sellers are desperate, often following a death or a financial reversal, and are in genuine need of assistance but are unsure where to turn.

At Freedom Auto Finders, we recognized the need and we are committed to providing services that assist both buyers and sellers in realizing their potential. Thank you again for checking us out. Call or E-mail us today. We look forward to earning your trust, creating a lifetime relationship between you, your family and friends and our business.

Please feel free to contact me at or my personal cell (208) 420-4133

George Hilarides

Wholesale Direct Manager

George Hilarides is the key to why so many people enjoy doing business with Freedom Auto Finders. His enthusiasm and love for people is evident by all who meet him. George enjoys hunting, fishing and camping. He is involved with the South Central Community Action Agency and is currently serving as chairman of South Central’s Community Action Partnership. He is so fully engaged in his tenth year of organizing “Fishing for Charity” derbies. You can contact George at

Emily Henry-Trent

Office Manager/Accounting

Emily Henry-Trent was born in Twin Falls and grew up here in the Magic Valley for most of her life. She then moved to the Wood River Valley and lived there for 12 years where she raised her 2 children. She co-owned a construction company for many years and there she developed a lot of business experience. She has now moved back to the Magic Valley and enjoys water skiing, fishing and camping. Her personality and fun attitude is apparent whenever you meet or speak with her. You can contact Emily at

Rachael Hilarides

Business Manager

Rachael Hilarides returns as our Business Manager, she is E-Bay Motors Certified to be a e dealer certified consultant. Rachel has had training in Social Media Marketing with over eight years experience in the automotive Finance and Insurance industry. Rachel is committed to making your car purchasing experience as enjoyable as possible. She is very excited to be part of our team and is ready to assist you in your automotive needs. You can contact Rachael at

Kay Lynn Johnson

Community Connections Coordinator

Kay Lynn Johnson serves as our Community Connections Liaison. She is passionate about community involvement and brings many years of customer service experience to the team. She currently serves on St. Luke’s MV Patient Family Advisory Council, and is involved with Twin Falls and Jerome Chambers. She has served on the Library Foundation Board, Danny Marona Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation and Safe Kids MV, just to name a few. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her husband, spending quality time with her children and grandsons, working in the garden, Crafting, & (especially) wine tasting.

Gene Kennedy

IT/Computer Systems

Gene Kennedy was born in Youngstown, OH in 1950. A graduate of Southern Illinois University with a BG in Aviation Management, Gene also served 20 years in the military as an Air Force Traffic Controller and Flight Engineer. He has seven years experience as a Product Line Manager for the General dynamics Stinger Missile Program. He also has over 20 years experience in the automotive retail business focusing on both wholesale and retail vehicle valuations, acquisitions and disposals with additional responsiblity for training dealership personel. “It’s a pleasure to be working for Freedom Auto Finders and I look forward to serving the needs of the folks of the Magic Valley”-Gene Kenedy. You can contact Gene at

Marie Malo

Executive Sales Assistant

Marie Malo was born in Quebec, Canada, she moved to Twin Falls, Idaho 10 years ago to raise her family. Her infectious personality and enthusiasm for people is apparent whenever you visit with her. With raising two young children, in her spare time you can find Marie along with her husband encouraging them on the side lines of every sport events the kids love to participate in.

You can contact

Isaiah Day

Sales Team Leader

Isaiah has spent the majority of his adult life in Southern Idaho. He enjoys hunting, fishing and anything outdoors. Has been married over 18 years to his high school sweetheart and they have three beautiful boys together.

Isaiah loves coaching youth sports, expecially baseball and you can typically find his whole family at one or two ball fields around Idaho all summer.

You can reach him at